Tanabata Fukushima Inari Shrine Nagoshi Doll Festival
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Kishibojinn-kou Fukushima Inari Shrine Nagoshi Oharai Doll Festival 2
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Fukushima Inari Shrine Nagoshi Oharai Doll Festival

Fukushima Inari Shrine Nagoshi Oharai Doll Festival
A doll festival at Inari shrine is held on July 29 to 31. "Oharai"(purifiction) is done twice as a year as end of June (the lunar calendar) and end of the year. It's an occasion to purify oneself by floating a doll in the river. Also, to wish for being all right in hot summer season. There's a "Chinowa"(reeds ring) in the precincts of the shrine. If he/she walks through and around the "Chinowa"in the shape of the figure 8, he/she will escape from misfortune. In the night, the members of the Fukushima Inari Ninomiya Mikoshi group carry mikoshi. People who love a festival gather and carry mikoshi.
l One sister and brother passed through this "Chinowa".
l Three different costume.
l They're praying for safe of the festival.
l A person in charge of the festival is noting matters that demand special attention. l This mikoshi is waiting it's turn. l Isn't it a wonderful mikoshi
l By make a sigh of Japanese wooden clappers, the members put a mikoshi on their shoulders.
l It started finally.
l A person who checks electric wires is necessary for safety.
l They are shouting    
l Take a break, when under the trees. l After working hard, water is the best. Beer makes out of breath. l "After you". The younger one respect the elder one.
l We'll carry a wonderful "mikoshi" next year, too!