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Haguro-yama Daigongen Summer Festival

The summer festival of Haguro-yama Daigongen at Shinjyo-in temple is held on July 17−18. Shinjyo-in is the temple of Shingon sect. According to the vice-chief priest of Shinjyo-in temple, Haguro-yama Daigongen had once been dedicated to Haguro-yama on Mt.Shinobu. However, in the Meiji era it was destroyed by the separation of shrines from temples policy. In spite of that, believers of the temple kept it secretly among themselves and later it was returned to Shinjyo-in temple.

Haguroyama Daigongen is called "Komokaburi Kannon" It is a Buddha image not usually shown to the public. "Kannon"−the Goddess of Mercy, is kept in the straw mat. It unveils once in 60 years. It was exhibited in 1971, and next time will be 2031

The "Bon" festival dance is held around the "yagura", tower set up in the precincts of the shrine. Children dance in the evening, while adults at night. Lightened lanterns painted by children were decorated to the approach to the shrine.

One of the amateur Japanese drum groups from Noda-machi had their dancing.
Supporting members of the temple and energetic neighbors were helping the festival. There were even grilling frankfurters for the people who join the festival.