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Fukushima Waraji Festival

Fukushima Waraji Festival
Mt.Shinobu is the symbol of Fukushima city and the festival "Akatsuki-mairi" is held on January 14 by the lunar calendar. Japan's largest "waraji" (straw sandals) is dedicated to the Haguro shrine. At the fukushima Waraji festival, one of the two "waraji" is dedicated to the Shrine to wish strength of our legs. It's held in the first week of Friday and Saturday in August. The first day is "Waraji Odori"(dance) and the second day is "Dancing Soda Night"(disco tic dance), and "Waraji races". Young, and old, men and women dance all night in hot summer night. A thema song, "Waraji Odori" has been changed to "Heisei Waraji Odori"(reggae style) and "Dancing Soda Naitto"(hip- hop style). Please listen to these two songs. About "Waraji Festival", please call 024-521-3333.

Waraji Odori
A summer waraji, the symbol of the festival, is about 250 kilograms. Waraji Odori" group in the orthodox tune. This group has arranged the dance.
Their dance was with good rhythm.
Dancing Soda Night
l Their dance is with reggae style. l They're dancing with nimble steps. l Look at their colorful costumes.
l People of wheel chairs also enjoyed. l Group of young people. l Aren't they the queen of overexposing their bodies?

Waraji races
l Since this year, "Waraji races" have begun in Route 13. Two teams pull their floats about several hundred meters to compete with one another.