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Fukushima Tanabata festival

"Tanabata"(Star Festival) festival is held on August 6|8 every year. During the festival, Paseo 470 Street is closed to traffic. Seventy bamboo decorations were displayed this year. Fifty-five bamboo also decorated by the local kindergartens set on Bunka street which crosses Paseo 470 Street. They wrote their wishes on "Tanzaku"(strip of papers). At the same time, some small concerts were held at Machinaka Square.

"Tanabata" is actually held on July 7. Most of the cities and towns in the "Tohoku District (northern part of Japan) celebrate "Tanabata" a month later according with the lunar calendar. Most of the kindergartens begin their summer vacation in August, therefore they celebrate it on July 7.

When Paseo Street was built, facilities for bamboo decoration were made in advance. People are always enthusiastic about this traditional event.

It always rains at same time during the festival. It's a pity that decorations get wet. Many stalls and shops are on either side of the Street.