Tanabata Fukushima Inari Shrine Nagoshi Doll Festival
Haguro-yama Daigongen Summer Festival Fukushima Soneda Tenmangu Nagoshi Doll Festival 1
Kishibojinn-kou Fukushima Inari Shrine Nagoshi Oharai Doll Festival 2
Waraji Festival Toro-Nagashi

Fukushima Inari Shrine Nagoshi Doll Festival" July 30, 2001

The summer "Mikoshi"(Japanese portable shrine) Day came at last." Inari Mikoshi" group carry the portable shrine on their shoulders. It starts at seven lasting an hour. They parade through the Street.

l A "Chinowa"(ring made by reeds) was also made this year. l This mikoshi's pedestal is hexagon. l Many "toro"(dedicatory lanterns) were decorated in the precincts of the shrine.

l The sudden rain have "kannushi"(shinto priest) run around. It finally rained. l After rain,Mikoshi carriers are waiting for the restarting.